TSC Releases Two Types of Letters Following Promotion Results

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is in the process of releasing two types of letters following promotion results. The giant government teachers’ employer released the promotion interview results recently amid controversy.

The commission is preparing all the letters for dispatch to various counties. TSC posted the list of successful applicants for advert 46/2023 to 69/2023 on their website. The unsuccessful applicants have been complaining bitterly while demanding that TSC publish their names and not just TSC numbers.

Two types of letters being prepared

For those who were successful in the December 2023 and January 2024 interviews, congratulatory letters with details of their new grades and benefits were prepared. The letters are already being dispatched to various county headquarters and some teachers have already received theirs.

Those that TSC promoted to administrative positions will be required to prepare the chapter six documents, which include EACC clearance, CRB clearance (worth KES 2200) and an updated certificate of good conduct (worth KES 1050). These essential documents were not required during the interviews.

Another group of letters that will be dispatched is the regret letters. The commission always comforts unsuccessful applicants by encouraging them to apply again during the forthcoming interviews.

There are teachers who have applied several times to specific job groups but they have never been successful. They always receive regret letters. TSC has already dispatched these letters to various sub-county headquarters.

 The commission will not publish names

TSC will not give in to KNUT and KUPPET’s pressure that they publish the names of the promoted teachers. The commission will only send the list of names to county offices for the sake of dispatching letters. The giant teachers’ unions had demanded that TSC publish names for transparency.

The move by TSC not to publish names is aimed at resisting the tribal wars that would come with it.

Number of promoted teachers per county

KNUT and KUPPET also demanded to know the number of successful applicants per county. The KNUT secretary general, Collins Oyuu and KUPPET’s Akello Misori were at the forefront, demanding that TSC come clear on this particular matter.

A KUPPET official from Bomet County was quoted informing a WhatsApp group of teachers from his county that they got 746 promotion slots. The information from other counties is, however, not clear as of now.


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