Breakdown of Enhanced Salaries for the Newly Promoted TSC Teachers

Many people are interested in knowing more about the enhanced salaries of the newly promoted TSC teachers. TSC posted a long final list of successful applicants for advert 46-2023 to 69-2023 on their website.

Many teachers who have stagnated in the same job groups for many years complained bitterly when they found their names missing from the list of successful applicants.

For those who were successful and are now moving to new salary scales, this post is for you. Here is a breakdown of the new salaries, but we will first concentrate on C3 to D4 job groups.

C2 (T-Scale 7) to C3 (T-Scale 8)

It is important that we talk about the automatic promotion of C2 to C3 because the salary changes are so significant. For starters, the house allowance jumps from KES 8133 to 14055. The commuter allowance also increases. Have a look at the screenshots below, showing the allowances for all the job groups.

The basic salary for Grade C3 at various salary points is as shown in the screenshot below.

C3 (T-Scale 8) to C4 (T-Scale 9)

TSC promoted more than 12000 teachers to Grade C4 in the recent TSC promotions list. Many secondary school teachers are in Grade C3. So moving to C4 was a welcome relief for most of the successful applicants. Leave and house allowance will remain the same as in C3. However, the commuter allowance will increase from KES 6000 to 8000.

As for the basic salary at various salary points, here is a screenshot of the same.

C4 (T-Scale 9) to C5 (T-Scale 10)

Commuter and leave allowances will remain the same for those moving from C4 to C5. However, the house allowance will increase by KES 2000. The hardship allowance will rise by KES 2450. This looks like an insignificant increase after taxation, but the basic salary points are not bad at all. Here is the basic salary breakdown for grade C5:

C5 (T-Scale 10) to D1 (T-Scale 11)

House allowance will rise by between KES 2000 and 10000, depending on where the teacher lives. The biggest beneficiaries in house allowance increment are those staying in Nairobi City. Hardship and leave allowances increase by KES 4000 each. For those working in designated hardship zones, the hardship allowance will rise by KES 10200! What this means is that those moving from C5 to D1 will experience the biggest increment in allowances. The basic salaries will be even better. Have a look at the screenshot below.

D1 (T-Scale 11) to D2 (T-Scale 12)

All allowances remain the same for grades D1 and D2. The only significant thing is the increase in basic salaries, which even cross the KES 100,000 mark at some point. See the basic salary breakdown in the screenshot below.

D2 (T-Scale 12) to D3 (T-Scale 13)

Those moving to D3 are either principals or deputy principal 1. The annual leave allowance remains the same as D2. Commuter allowance increases by KES 2000 and hardship allowance improves by KES 4000. The house allowance remains the same in all zones. However, the increase in basic salary points is very attractive!

D3 (T-Scale 13) to D4 (T-Scale 14)

All allowances remain the same as D3. But it comes with the name “Senior Principal.”. And the basic salaries will be slightly higher. Check out the screenshot below.

Meanwhile, here is the full PDF document of the applicable salaries for all job groups after the July 2023 increment. It has all the details on the enhanced salaries for the newly promoted TSC teachers.



Is promotion from C1 to C2 automatic?

No, it is not automatic. TSC subjects teachers to competitive interviews to move them from C1 to C2.

What is the salary of a C4 teacher in Kenya?

The basic salary ranges from KES 52308 to 67220. The commuter allowance is KES 8,000, and the house allowance depends on the location where the teacher works.

What is grade C4 TSC scale 9?

This is the grade for senior master IV, senior lecturer IV, senior teacher, SNE/senior special needs teacher – secondary, and deputy head teacher II.


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