How to Upload Mandatory evidence on TSC TPAD

Many Kenyan teachers would love to know how to upload mandatory evidence on TSC TPAD. TPAD stands for Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development. This is a tool that all TSC teachers use to appraise themselves every term. Their superiors also appraise them for the process to be complete.

Performance Indicators

When an individual teacher rates the teaching standards section, TSC requires them to upload evidence. Every teaching standard has its own performance indicators. TSC expects all teachers to rate themselves using the performance indicators.

The teachers must now upload verifiable evidence, as TSC clearly guides them by giving examples of them. For instance, on the Professional Knowledge and Practice Teaching Standard, teachers must prove to TSC that they have pedagogical content knowledge. A teacher can demonstrate this by uploading evidence, like screenshots of lesson plans.

Lesson observation records can also be used to prove that one rates highly in professional knowledge and practice. The person that does lesson observation on the teacher should also indicate the different instructional methods that the teacher employs during their lesson. If a teacher uses a resource like a model or a chart to reinforce knowledge on the learners, they can then upload a photo of the same.

The TPAD servers

TSC has invested in quality servers to ensure that uploading evidence is a smooth process. In the past, teachers have complained of the TPAD website, being too slow. This made it difficult to upload evidence. But this is no longer the case, as the servers are very smooth and responsive.

How to upload TPAD evidence

To upload TPAD evidence,

  1. Take photos and screenshots of the verifiable evidence that you need and save them on your computer, tablet or smartphone (depending on the gadget that you intend to use).
  2. Login to using your TSC number, national ID number, and password.
  3. Click on the Self-Appraisals menu, which is on the left side of the TPAD homepage.

3. Now click on the self-assessment tab. This will open up all your appraisals, both complete and incomplete.

4. On the incomplete one, click ‘proceed to appraisal’. Once you access the teaching standards, add or edit your ratings accordingly. You can upload evidence before or after submitting your ratings.

Remember, uploading verifiable evidence on TPAD is now mandatory. Teachers don’t have excuses now that they can easily upload the files without the server hanging. But remember to resize the files because if the files are too big, uploading the evidence can be an uphill task.


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