TSC Sets These New Conditions for Teachers Seeking Transfers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has set some new conditions for teachers seeking transfers. There are many reasons why a teacher may seek to be transferred from one station to another.

Reasons for seeking transfers

Some of the conditions that make many teachers seek transfers are very genuine. One of them is station fatigue. Some teachers have worked in the same station for more than twenty (20) years. This can lead to depression.

Another reason why teachers seek transfers is insecurity. Some years back some non-local teachers in the North Eastern Region of Kenya refused to go back to work because of insecurity. TSC was forced to send them back to their home counties.

Loneliness is another major reason why some teachers seek transfers. Some married teachers apply for transfers to go back to their spouses. Long-distance relationships and marriages have been a thorn in the flesh of many teachers.

Conditions for teachers seeking transfers                               

One of the easiest ways to successfully apply for a transfer is through a swop. However, TSC has set a new condition on swops. For a swop to be successful, both parties must apply online and indicate “swop” as the reason for transfer.

The second mandatory condition is that the swopping teachers must be teaching exact subject combinations. In the past, TSC has been lenient especially when one subject is similar. Going forward, this is going to be difficult. If the subjects do not match, TSC will definitely reject the transfer.

Thirdly, one must work in the same station for at least five (5) years before being considered for a transfer. TSC is however lenient on this because one can apply for a transfer on very genuine medical grounds.

For teachers working in the North Eastern Region of Kenya, TSC revised the period to three (3) years.

Can a teacher reject a transfer?

The term is not rejecting but appealing. One may appeal a transfer with valid reasons, especially medical. Some heads of institutions have forcefully transferred teachers before, but if a teacher appeals well with proper documentation, TSC can revoke the transfer.

Who approves TSC online transfers?

An appointed board approves TSC online transfers once a year. However, the commission, through its agents, can approve transfers once in a while, using their discretion.

What happens if I refuse a transfer?

If you refuse a transfer, your services may be terminated, as that amounts to professional misconduct. You can only follow proper channels, like appealing. But if the appeal is rejected, you have to accept the transfer even when it does not suit you.


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