TSC Promotion Interview Results, Why you were not successful

The TSC promotion interview results are out. The interviews were conducted in December 2023 and early January 2024 in various counties. The results were released in the first week of March 2024, and many people were disappointed while others celebrated. This is because of the 114,000 teachers that expressed interest in applying for the TSC promotion interviews, only 36,505 were successful in progressing to higher grades.

Those who were lucky enough to be promoted will enjoy higher perks, which is every employee’s dream. Many unsuccessful applicants have taken to social media to lament their perceived failure.

The stakes were too high

The stakes seem to be too high, especially for those who are in the “D” bracket. This is the bracket for the most coveted administrative positions in post primary institutions. One cannot be deployed as a principal in a secondary school if they are not in Job Group D3.

That is why one deputy principal who is in the D2 Job Group took to WhatsApp to ask some tough questions on why he was not successful in the interview.

“I am one of the applicants who were not successful. I have asked God so many questions. To be sincere, I am so heartbroken. This time around, I had high expectations. I am in the age bracket of 45+. My students have participated up to the national level in co-curricular activities.  I have a master’s degree, and I comply with all the TPAD requirements. This is the second time I am attending an interview for D3, and I have served as a deputy principal for 11 years. I have four years in D2. I have no discipline cases. My subject mean is always above the school mean. I want someone to tell me what I am missing so that I can adjust accordingly,” lamented the teacher in one of the teachers’ WhatsApp groups.

Here are some of the possible reasons why you were not successful in the recently released TSC promotion interview results:

Few slots

As much as you performed very well in the interview, there were very few promotion slots especially in the administrative positions. In D3 for instance, there were about 700 slots and more than 5000 teachers competing for the same. In D4 (senior principal category), there were only 108 slots, with 3000 applicants expressing interest. You had to be really lucky to land a slot.

You have never acted in an administrative position

Those who have acted in senior administrative positions were awarded up to 30 marks, depending on the duration in which they served. If many of you have acted, then those who have served longer in acting capacities have better chances.

You are in a lower age bracket

TSC promotion interview marks were also awarded according to one’s age. Teachers below 40 years of age were awarded only 3 marks, 40-44 years got 6 marks, 45-49 years got 9 marks just to mention a few. Those in the 55-59 year-old bracket were awarded 15 marks. Elderly teachers therefore had an upper hand in the clinching promotions.

You are not very active in co-curricular activities

Participation in co-curricular activities earned interviewees some decent marks. Those who qualified to the nationals in co-curricular activities in any discipline got maximum marks, for instance. If you have never participated in co-curricular activities up to higher levels, your chances of clinching a promotion were very limited.


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