How to Pick TSC Promotion Letters Released to County offices

Many promoted teachers are wondering when and how to pick up their TSC promotion letters after being successful in the December 2023 and January 2024 interviews. TSC posted a 724-page list of successful applicants on their official website.

TSC promotion letters out

The PDF list has 36505 TSC numbers and all the successful applicants have since identified their TSC numbers. TSC has already published the letters, and they have been sorted. They have been posted to various county offices for distribution to individual teachers.

Once the letters arrive at various county headquarters, the county directors will send text messages to the promoted teachers. The text messages will inform the teachers that they were successful in the interviews and that they should pick up their promotion letters.

TSC regret letters

All the unsuccessful interviewees will receive regret letters to inform them of the same. The regret letters will be sent to individual teachers through their heads of institutions.

“Further to your application for promotion to the post of (your post) and subsequent interview, I regret to inform you that you were unsuccessful…” reads the letter in part. TSC encourages unsuccessful applicants to apply for the same posts in the future. That future can be even after three or four years.

KNUT and KUPPET protests

The two giant teachers’ unions have openly protested the promotion interview results. They believe TSC was not transparent because they only posted the TSC numbers of the 36505 applicants. The union leaders believe that TSC served most of their members a raw deal.

“They must post the names of the teachers alongside their TSC numbers for transparency. Some people who have stagnated in lower grades for more than a decade failed to be promoted,” said one of the union leaders during a press conference.

KNUT has launched a formal complaint with TSC and they have encouraged their members to forward their details for further action.

Salary Increment for TSC promoted teachers

The promoted teachers are set to enjoy enhanced salaries and allowances according to the TSC scales. Those moving from C3 to C4, for instance, will see their commuter allowance improve by KES 2000. Their basic salary will also go up by about KES 3000.


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