All TSC Requirements for recruitment of new JSS intern teachers

All TSC requirements for recruitment of new JSS intern teachers: As a key part of shaping the Kenyan educational environment, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) makes sure that qualified and skilled teachers are hired. As part of the careful process, TSC requires that certain academic and professional papers be sent in when they hire post-primary interns.

This strict rule is meant to maintain the highest standards of teaching, making sure that people who want to become teachers have the skills they need to improve their students’ learning.

This article talks about the important academic and professional papers that applicants for the prestigious post-primary intern program must send.

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In case TSC invites you for an interview for the intern teachers’ job, they expect you to have the following documents;
  1. Your national ID card
  2. TSC registration certificate (TSC number)
  3. Transcripts and a certificate of diploma or degree:
  4. KCSE certificates or certificates if you sat for KCSE more than once
  5. KCPE or an equivalent certificate for non-citizens. If you attempted KCPE more than once, attach all the certificates.
  6. Primary and secondary school leaving certificates and other relevant paperwork;
  7. A National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) card (if you are abled differently)
  8. An affidavit signed in line with the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap. 15 of the Laws of Kenya, to explain why the names are different (in case your names differ in your certificates)
  9. A letter from KNEC certifying the results, if needed.

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Applicants must show certified photocopies of the originals and clear copies of the following academic, professional, and other important documents:
  • A national ID card;
  • A certificate proving that you are registered as a teacher;
  • A diploma or degree certificate and transcripts to go with it;
  • KCSE or equivalent certificates, including certificates for retakes;
  • KCPE or equivalent certificates, also including certificates for retakes;
  • Letter of certification from KNEC (if needed);
  • Primary and secondary school leaving papers and any other documents that are needed

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Please note that TSC does not accept provisional transcripts.

From the county TSC headquarters, the County Directors of must make sure that both the Internship Agreement and the Offer of Internship Letter have all of the documents that are listed in the approved checklist.

They must also check the hiring documents to make sure that the person(s) chosen meet the standards for the job as a teacher intern, as stated in the hiring guidelines.

Thirdly, the county directors must make sure that all the necessary papers are signed, such as the score sheets, Minutes of the Selection Panels, Internship Agreement, and Offer of Internship Letter.

They are supposed to gather the comments they get and send to the Commission a report on what they did and what they think should be done.

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It is the job of the TSC County Director to give the following papers to the TSC Headquarters:.
  1. Duly signed internship agreement and offer of internship letter together with:
  2. Certified copy of the national ID card.
  3. Certificate that shows one is licensed to teach.
  4. KNEC certificates from schools (KCPE and KCSE).
  5. All of the formal transcripts and professional certificates.
  6. Letter from KNEC certifying the results, if there is one.
  7. If the recruit has an NCPWD card,
  8. Please have an assertion made under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap. 15 of the Laws of Kenya, to explain the difference in names (if any);
  9. Card or bank plate (front face):
  10. The KRA PIN certificate and the NHIF card.
  11. Two color photos the size of a passport for each successful application; the original medical exam report on form GP 69.
  12. A listing of all the people who were interviewed, ranked by how well they performed
  13. A copy of the system-generated list of all applicants that clearly shows who didn’t show up for the interview:
  14. A list of applicants who have disabilities
  15. Signed copies of the minutes from the Selection Panel and the Sub-County Selection Panel:
  16. Signed and completed score guide:
  17. Properly filled out pay point form.

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In the end, the Teachers Service Commission’s request for academic and professional papers is an important part of the process of hiring interns for junior and senior schools.

TSC scrutinizes these documents carefully to make sure that potential teachers have the academic and professional skills they need to do well in their jobs.

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