How to View and Download Latest TSC Payslip Online

It is very simple to view and download your TSC payslip online. You probably want to apply for an emergency loan and your banker is asking you to present your three most recent payslips. Do not panic. A cybercafé attendant does not need to see your net earnings which should remain private.

At this point I am assuming you are an active TSC employee and you are on the TSC payroll. You must also have activated your TSC online payslip.

How to activate TSC online payslip account

To do this you must visit the TSC online payslip registration portal. This is available on the official TSC website Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the TSC online payslip registration portal.
  2. Click on registration/activate account. Note that this is for newly recruited teachers on the TSC payroll. Almost all teachers that earn a salary from TSC already have online payslip accounts.
  3. Create a username and choose a very strong password. If your password is weak the platform won’t allow you to create an account. You will be prompted to strengthen your password by using special characters, employing mixed-case letters, and at least one number.

How to View and Download Latest TSC Payslip

  1. Visit the official TSC website. Click on the ONLINE SERVICES tab as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Click on the T-PAY tab in the drop-down menu. This will redirect you to a new site with the address
  2. Enter your username, password, and the security stamp. The username is your TSC number. The password is the one you created when you activated your TSC online payslip account. A security stamp is a simple arithmetic operation meant to prove that you are a real human.

  1. After entering the details, click login. If your password is not correct, you may try again carefully. However, do not panic if you forget your password because there is an option of resetting it by clicking the “Forgot password?” tab.
  2. On a successful login, you will have access to various tabs like Menu, Latest Payslip, Latest P9, and My Transactions. Click on the Latest Payslip tab.

  1. Your latest payslip will be displayed. You can print it by clicking the print tab at the bottom of the slip. Remember, you can only print directly if you are using a desktop. If you access it using a mobile phone, just take a screenshot and print it later at your convenience.

It is important to note that you have access for up to four months. Your latest payslip is MONTH ONE. The one that precedes it is MONTH TWO, then MONTH THREE, and MONTH FOUR in that order.


How do I know if I’m on the TSC payroll?

The only way you can be on the TSC payroll is if you are an active employee of TSC. To confirm this, you only need to visit the TSC website and click on the ONLINE SERVICES tab. From the drop-down menu, click the Teachers Online tab, which will lead you to a new page, Click on Registration status and enter your national ID number in the new dialogue box that appears, then hit search. Your details will appear with “Active TSC Employee” in brackets.

What is the TSC payroll number?

TSC introduced Unified Payroll Numbers recently to streamline the processing of teachers’ salaries in an accurate and timely manner. Every teacher’s payroll number appears on their online payslip homepage.

How many teachers are on the TSC payroll?

As of 2021, there were 343,000 teachers on the TSC payroll. That number has since skyrocketed after the massive recruitment of junior secondary school teachers. Many of them are intern teachers, though.

How can I get my TSC number online?

Teachers can register for a TSC number by going to Enter your ID number and last name, then select “Next” to go through the process. SEE MORE DETAILS HERE.


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