TSC Sends a team of inspectors to schools to check the following

TSC Sends a team of inspectors to schools!

The Teachers Service Commission has sent a team of officers to schools to monitor the performance and implementation of TPAD in all public schools. The officers will liaise with county and sub-county teams to visit various schools within their respective jurisdictions.

The teachers’ employer wishes to implement the Teacher Induction, Mentorship, and Coaching program (TIMEC) which aims at maximizing the performance of teachers in their payroll. The heads of institutions are supposed to implement TIMEC in their schools and TSC is just trying to monitor the efficiency of the program.

The vital documents to prepare

Among the documents that teachers are supposed to prepare are schemes of work, lesson plans and records of work. These are the tools of trade for all practicing teachers. Schemes of work are relatively easier to prepare. The problem is with the individual lesson plans which can be very hectic to prepare for most teachers.

Instead of using a totalitarian approach to force teachers to prepare those essential documents, TSC has embraced TIMEC to make teachers understand that the tools only make their work easier.

The officers will also carry out lesson observations for all TSC teachers in the schools that they will visit. It is important to note that the officers will award you very little marks if you miss essential tools in your lesson presentations.

Teaching and learning aids

TSC encourages teachers to improvise teaching and learning aids to make the teaching and learning process enjoyable. The officers will also assess learner safety in various schools. Remember, TSC considers learners their clients. All public schools are supposed to ensure the safety of their students, who are their clients.

If previous inspection exercises are anything to go by, the officers will pick random exercise books from students. They will use the books to monitor whether teachers mark their learners’ books. After that, they will interview some random students to note their views on the seriousness of the teaching staff.

The heads of institutions will also provide some feedback on the effectiveness of the Teacher Induction, Mentorship and Coaching program. TSC county directors have advised principals to advise teachers to prepare well for this countrywide exercise.


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