Caroline Kangogo Is About To Surrender To The Police Anytime Soon After This Latest Development

Caroline Kangogo has hit the wall and she has realized that she has nowhere to run to. This comes after the directorate of criminal investigations intensified their search for the rogue officer by involving different units and laying multifaceted dragnets.

Reports had earlier indicated that she was being protected by senior police officers who might be part of the criminal syndicate that is operating in the rift valley to escape arrest. Caroline killed her colleague and lover, John Ogweno, at the Nakuru central police station parking lot and made away with his loaded Ceska pistol.

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Her second victim helped her to escape Nakuru but was also murdered by the same rogue officer at the Dedemax Hotel in Juja town. The motive for Killing Peter Njiru is not yet known, but preliminary reports indicate that it might be a case of love gone sour. It could also be since she wanted to tie all the loose ends to avoid being caught by the authorities. Peter Njiru’s death might be a case of collateral damage.

The detectives have been working hard to arrest the rogue police officer because the intelligence reports have shown that her life might be in danger because of the criminals she has been working with. They might want to eliminate her because she knows a lot about them and they don’t want to blow out their cover.

Her parents and friends have been appealing to her to surrender to the police and argue her case in a court of law. Their pleas might have borne fruits because the latest information shows she is ready to surrender.

This is after Kangogo hired the services of the veteran criminal lawyer Dr. John Khaminwa. Khaminwa told the court that they should give an order barring the police from arresting Kangogo when she surrenders.

Khaminwa has been hired by the Law Society of Kenya to defend Kangogo when she surrenders. He has asked the rogue police officer to surrender her fire Arm to his office.

From the above information, it is clear that Kangogo has been seeking help from top lawyers and she is ready to surrender if the court assures her of protection from the police.

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