Ruto Reveals The Luo Man That Wanted To Marry His Daughter June And How The Nigerian Won The Battle

Deputy President William Ruto recently gave out his daughter for marriage to a Nigerian man in a beautiful wedding ceremony held here in Nairobi at their private residence.

Kenyan men wondered how a Nigerian man managed to get ahead of all the Kenyans to marry the beautiful daughter of Kenya’s second most powerful man.

Nigerian men are known for the style and charm that women find attractive. They are the most romantic men in Africa according to the statistics given out by women all over the continent. But they can also be difficult to deal with because they are also known to be professional fraudsters.

It is therefore upon our women to be extra careful when dealing with these handsome OGA men because they could be dealing with international criminals and Conmen.

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In an interview on Radio Jambo this morning, the deputy president William Ruto shared his disappointment with radio host Giddy when he revealed that June used to date a Luo man called Ochieng but somehow he didn’t manage to put a ring on her finger because the Nigerian A game in the field of love was too hot for him to handle.

According to the deputy president, he could have wished for June to end up with a Kenyan man but because you cannot choose a man for your daughter, it was his responsibility as a father to support her decision and give them his blessings so that their marriage can work out.

He however gave hope to other Kenyan men that wish to marry in his family by telling them that he still has beautiful daughters that are yet to get married. Ruto urged Kenyan men to up their game and win the hearts of his beautiful daughters.

There you, Kenyan men, if you feel like William Ruto will be your father-in-law, get your act together and try your luck on one of his daughters.

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