Zodwa Wabantu Is Controversially Encouraging HIV Stigma

Zodwa Wabantu is a well-known straight talker who is not afraid to express her opinion.

She is a talented dancer and socialite who has made her money through questionable means.

Zodwa Wabantu likes performing in nightclubs skimpily dressed and without undies.

Men revelers are in love with her performance and in return she is paid handsomely by her promoters.

Her way of life earned her deportation from Zimbabwe back in 2017, She is banned from stepping foot there.

Zambia followed suit in 2018. They argue that their culture does not accommodate that kind of behavior.

Most South African parents regard her as a bad role model to young girls.

This is because there are decent ways of making money other than what she is doing.

Celebrities hold a major role to play in shaping society.

This is because they are followed by millions of people with a majority of them being young.

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The HIV pandemic has taken a back seat a bit due to the emergency of another deadly virus.

Coronavirus has ravaged the world and destroyed livelihoods of many people.

HIV is still very dangerous and people should not drop their guard.

Just because the government is concentrating on curbing COVID-19 should not make anyone forget it exists.

It is paramount for all of us to practice safe sex, avoid social stigma and ensure drug adherence .

Drug adherence is severely affected when social stigma takes center stage.

Social stigma comes as a result of negative perceptions.

The negative perception is a result of nondisclosure of HIV status.

This is because people fear that their kin and friends will judge them negatively.

The result of stigma is that people with HIV will fear taking their drugs as prescribed leading to high viral load.

This also results in opportunistic infections, drug resistance, and death.

For a celebrity like Zodwa to advise people not to disclose their HIV status is reckless and quite unfortunate.

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