Your Father Sleeps in That Hut? Netizens Attack Uganda Comedian Salvado After He Posted This Video

Uganda’s Patrick Salvado is undoubtedly the funniest standup comedian in East and Central Africa. The man from Ombokolo never fails to crack ribs any time he gets on stage to entertain his fans.

Even Kenya’s Eric Omondi low key knows that despite terming himself the president of comedy in Africa. It is his social media following that is a little on the lower side. Salvado is more active on Facebook where he has 297k followers as at now and 144k followers on Instagram.

Both of his social media accounts are verified and his posts attract a lot of reactions. The witty comedian became popular in Kenya thanks to Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill.

Churchill has always brought East Africa’s comedians together thanks to his ‘Laugh Festival Shows’.

One thing that we can credit the Ugandan creative industry is the support from their citizens. They might not follow one religiously on social media but they know how to attend shows. They always support their artistes to the fullest.

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Patrick Salvado is living well and happily married to a beautiful lady by the name Daphine Frankstock Idringi. They are living large in Kampala where they own a lavish house that he shared recently during Daphine’s birthday week.

He made it clear that his wife will never worry about paying rent as he had managed to build a very decent home for them. Check out the embedded Facebook post below;

That is why some of his fans were concerned when he posted a short clip today hanging out with his father in his rural village of Ombokolo. He appeared to be enjoying his father’s company. They really look alike and they both have a great sense of humor.

But netizens could not help but notice a grass thatched house in the background and they wondered whether that is where the old man lives while Salvado enjoys lavish living in the Pearl of Africa’s capital.

”I’m seeing a hut in the background. Let me hope you’re not making your dad sleep in it as you live a lavish life in Kampala,” wrote one Pius Augustine.

To which Patrick Salvado replied, “You guys are really hurting  … Whoever hurt you, I pray he continues  … chaiii!”

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