“Yes I sired The Boy but I’ll Only Pay 10k Monthly Upkeep!” Pastor David Muriithi Spills the Beans

Popular Nairobi City Pastor, Bishop David Muriithi of the House of Grace Church has finally admitted that he sired a child out of adultery. The charismatic man of the cloth has been in a court tussle with a lady identified as Judy Mutave Muasya.

According to Mr. Muriithi, he will take responsibility but it has to be on his own terms. He will only be able to pay KES 10,000 monthly because that is what he can afford.

“I am a poor man who depends on well-wishers to earn a living. I depend on Kenyans of goodwill to survive,” declared the pastor who is in his 50s.

His baby mama had demanded a monthly upkeep of KES 100,000. Through her lawyer Danstan Omari, the lady called upon the pastor who has neglected his parental obligations to start being accountable.

She was categorical that Pastor Muriithi must pay for their son’s toys, entertainment, utilities, and school fees at the Kiota School.

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While in the middle of the court tussle, she claimed that her life was in danger after a strange Mercedes Benz was spotted near her apartment in Kilimani. Muriithi’s latest declaration puts her in an awkward place emotionally.

As much as he terms himself a poor man, his baby mama knows his real worth and that is why she had to go the legal way.

The man is turning out to be a ‘prosperity gospeller’ that hides his sinful world with motivational speeches. Pastors like Muriithi do not confront sin as it is so long as someone is giving generously.

Most Nairobi churches are full of hypocrites who always live with secret sins and they always preach the false gospel that “once saved always saved”. That you can sin in the morning and in the evening God will forgive you.

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