Worrying Times In Central Kenya After Their Women Were Seen Doing The Unexpected

Central Kenya people are known for their business acumen and their ability to grind for the shilling. The main source of their livelihood comes from agriculture and small businesses.
They are the most hardworking tribe in Kenya and that explains why most of Kenya’s billionaires hail from the mountain more specifically central Kenya.

With all the positive things that come from that area, there have been other negative stories that have tainted the image of Central Kenya. Mungiki is a terror group that was operating in some parts of Central Kenya where they recruited young men to unleash terror on the innocent residents by demanding taxes from them and imposing their rule of law on the people.

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Many lives were lost as a result of their criminal and cult-like activities. The government swung in strongly and completely wiped off the group and made it very difficult for them to operate. Alcoholism is another problem Central Kenya men are facing, most males of age from that area are either drinking alcohol or smoking either tobacco or marijuana and chewing Miraa.

This has created problems in their marriages and women complain that they have abdicated all their responsibilities including satisfying their women in bed. Women have taken all the manly responsibilities because their alcoholic men are too weak and wasted to work on anything. That is why there was a story of Nyeri Women disciplining their men for being irresponsible even though there is a thin line between disciplining and physical abuse.

If that was not enough, women in Nyandarua are now the ones digging graves because their men are too lazy and weak to do it because of alcoholism. There is a photo that was taken in Muranga showing women digging a grave and this was confirmed by their governor Francis Kimemia who said that it is now women’s responsibility to dig graves for their Kin because men are wasted in alcohol. This has caused an online debate because it is well documented that grave digging is for men all over the world.

The government needs to do something to save this men from ruining their families and lives by taking illicit brews.

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