Women: Why They Live Longer Than Men

why women live longer than men

Women do, in fact, live longer lives than men. Even in our towns, there are more elderly women than men.

A woman’s lifespan is often longer than that of a man, and there is a scientific rationale for this.

According to CDC and other many research organizations around the world, men live an average of 76 years and women an average of 81 years.

This is especially noticeable in Africa and some Asian nations where life expectancy is lower.

Here are some reasons women outlive men:


Men are more likely than women to engage in excessive alcohol, drug usage, and criminal activity.

Men are more inclined to rob a bank or any well-guarded area, whereas women are naturally weak.

Their fear works to their favor, as they are less likely to be involved in those dangerous acts and hence live longer lives.

Men are also more likely to be killed in car accidents because of excessive alcohol consumption and drunk driving.

They are also more likely to die because of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

Men misuse their bodies more than women, which is why most smokers, alcoholics, and drug addicts are men and will suffer.

2. Men’s hormones and chromosomal composition

I have related greater levels of sex hormones such as testosterone to higher risk behaviors that put them at risk of dying young.

According to research, this hormone actually decreases their immune potency.

In contrast, estrogen, which is primarily a female hormone, has many health benefits, such as maintaining healthy cell function and acting as an anti-oxidant.
Estrogen also aids in blood coagulation and the maintenance of healthy fat in the body.

The extra x chromosome makes women more robust and physically and psychologically stronger.

This provides a defensive benefit, which explains their lifespan.

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