Women: Reasons Why Most Of Them Marry Wrong Men

Women end up marrying the wrong men because of the following reasons;

1. One-Night Stand

Most women have sex before they marry.

You don’t see a man’s true colors until you sleep with him.

You hardly ever discuss important life topics. Worse, you transmit the idea that you believe in sex but are unwilling to commit.

Then you complain that he’s a serial cheater later.
2. Enormous appetite for money .

Many of them marry money rather than men.

Few women nowadays desire to work their way up from the bottom with their man.

If you love his money, he will know, and you will be his puppet for the rest of your life.

He’ll take advantage of you financially. And if his finances are in jeopardy, so is your relationship.

3. Peer rivalry.

They rush into marriage because their peers have done so.

These ladies want to brag about their man and their extravagant travels.

They want other women to realize how much someone adores them as well .

Marriage becomes a project with a definite timeline, irrespective of the values of the man they come across.

5 Traits All Women Who Cheat Have In Common

Women who cheat have several characteristics that most men choose to ignore or are just unaware of.

Cheating is a major social issue everyone is talking about since it destroys families and lives.

We all understand why individuals cheat, but some men are unaware that you can tell whether a lady is lying.

What’s fascinating is that most women who cheat on their husbands share similar characteristics.

This will aid the boy youngster in identifying them and avoiding them at all costs.

The following is a list of characteristics that these women share:

1. Something always distracted them

Women who cheat are no longer interested in what you have to say or do.


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