Women Pay Attention: Habits That Are Giving You Wrinkles

People especially the female gender pay attention more to their looks and body than males. That is why women are the majority in seeking plastic surgery services to change their bodies and make them look the way they want.

Wrinkles are most of the time due to advanced age but wrinkled skin especially that of the face can develop earlier than anticipated due to our habits and this can be depressing for younger women.

So what causes wrinkles in young women? Well here are some of the causes that most people don’t know;

  1. How you apply and remove make-up

Most women look into the mirror and raise their eyebrows high, creating lines on their forehead when they apply makeup. Doing this creates lines across the forehead that will eventually stick around after enough time has passed. Women are advised to be mindful of their eyeliner application because pulling on those sensitive eyelids too hard can break down the collagen and cause wrinkles). Always remember to be gentle with the skin around your eyes by lightly tapping your eye cream instead of applying aggressively.

2. Sunlight

Always remember to protect your eyes from the powerful sun and keeps you from squinting. squinting is irritating and it can cause lines to develop around your eyes by the repeated contraction of per ocular muscles

3. Repetitive Facial expressions

Repetitive facial expressions can cause wrinkles like frowning, furrowing your brow in concentration, sipping out of a straw, as you pucker your lips frequently forming wrinkles around your mouth

4. Looking down at your phone too much

In the era of the internet and smartphones, most people spend much of their time gazing down on their phones most of the day but that is causing more harm to them than they can imagine. Cosmetic surgeons say that this habit of looking down on phones causes more wrinkles than any other natural cause.

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