Woman Kidnapped Movie-style in The Streets of Nairobi as People Stare (VIDEO)

A group of robbers kidnapped an unidentified woman movie-style in the streets of Nairobi. Someone captured it clearly in a video that was posted on Edgar Obare’s BNNKE IG account.

People could not immediately establish the motive for the kidnap. But it seems the lady in the middle of the unfortunate incident had some money.

From the video, some boda boda operators could be seen helping execute the heinous act. The incident makes Nairobi look like one of the most unsafe places to live in.

Boda boda aided robberies have become very common in Nairobi. The motorbike guys have become a menace. And the government is doing nothing about it.

They kidnapped her movie-style as passersby stared

Passersby could not even raise alarm to assist the kidnapped woman. They just looked as others took a video to capture the moment.

Equally, we cannot blame those that do not interfere when such events are unfolding before their eyes. Sometimes it is just a strategy to rob people. Also, those who raise alarm end up being in danger themselves.


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Have a look at the clip of the embedded post below;

From the look of things, Kenya really needs an active and reliable emergency response hotline for such cases. If we had such infrastructure and reliable police and emergency services, same as that one employed in the US, such incidents would be a thing of the past.

There are no reliable emergency response services in the country. If one is lucky to have a police officer’s phone number, they need to facilitate them to arrive at the scene of crime.

You will hear lines like “fuel the police car so that we come to the scene!”

On a different note, Kenyans really have to revive being our brothers’ keeper spirit. We cannot allow this to happen with all those people watching.

Today you will ignore your neighbor being robbed and next it shall be you and no one will save you.

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