With a Capital of KES 10K, These are The Best Business Ideas

With a capital of just KES 10000, there are many business ideas one can think of. But the question we always ask ourselves is how much profit we can make. The best business idea is one that has minimal risks.

Today we are going to explore some of the most profitable ventures especially if you live in Nairobi. Many people believe they need a lot of money to start a business and be successful.

With just KES 10000 (in liquid cash), you can start a small electronics shop. It is important that you concentrate on cheap phone accessories. If your turnover is good, then you can expand a little and stock electrical appliances.

A packet of 10 memory card readers will cost you KES 130. You can sell each for KES 50 and make KES 500. That is a profit of KES 370. Ten such packets will fetch you KES 3700.

There are things like USB charging cables which go for KES 30-35 per piece. You can buy many and sell at KES 100 making a profit of KES 70 each. 100 of them will fetch you KES 7000. Remember, these are fast moving products.

They sell fast chargers from different brands at KES 100 (wholesale price). If you are sharp, you can sell each at between KES 200-500. Memory cards are also very cheap and young boys love them.

Modern phone covers, earphones, Bluetooth devices and screen protectors have become hot cakes of late.

Other profitable items

Another commodity that can make you crazy profits are men’s socks. 12 pairs will cost you KES 350. If you sell each pair for KES 50, you can make a cool KES 250 profit. A packet of 12 men vests go for KES 350. If you sell each for just KES 100, you have KES 1200.

A three in one Suitcase costs 3100. You can sell the biggest at KES 2500, the medium one for KES 1800 and the smallest for KES 1000. Just do the math and see the profit.

Other items that are cheap but can fetch you quick money include toothbrushes and face masks. Any other business ideas?

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