Willis Raburu EX-Wife Ready To Re-Marry, Advice Women To Have Many Partners

Willis Raburu ex-wife has emerged from the shadows after a long period of anonymity.

The young lady is a big enthusiast of South African music and has attended Amapiano concerts around town.

We have observed her drinking beer and dancing to Amapiano jams with her companions on multiple occasions.

After the death of their newborn daughter, she divorced Willis Raburu. To memorialize the little angel, they both have tattoos.

It is not clear why they broke up and if it has anything to do with their daughter’s death is unknown.

Willis Raburu has moved on and is now married to someone else. Willis Raburu and his new wife have a baby son.

When Mary Prude’s newborn daughter died, Willis Raburu became depressed.

Many people believe that their daughter’s death caused them to grow apart. She appears to have gone on with her life.

Marya declared she was ready to be in a relationship again in a YouTube question-and-answer session with her pals.

She said, however, that she will only be in an open relationship because it is vital to discover each other’s sexuality before committing.

When a man proposes, Marya stated she will be exclusive to only one man.

She tells ladies not to abandon their sidemen because having many men brings them happiness and contentment.


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“I wouldn’t do that till we’re married.” Why am I bringing this up? I believe that once we are in a relationship, we should both explore each other’s sexuality”.

Go out and have these experiences. “A guy who wants to have me as a wife needs to be committed,” she said.

The young lady was appearing on Hazel Balubisi’s YouTube channel, fielding questions from men in the background.

“Marya, what’s the problem with being in a relationship with a short man?” enquired one man.
I don’t lust for short men, regardless of how good they are or how wealthy they are.

“Am not attracted to them in , shape, or form. I would never try to do that, “she remarked.

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