William Ruto Photographer is Under Scrutiny; Does He alter Photos?

Deputy President William Ruto has taken his campaigns a notch higher. He is in full campaign mode just like his worthy opponent, Raila Amollo Odinga.

Yesterday the UDA Party leader was in Nanyuki Town, Laikipia East Constituency in Laikipia County. Through his official Twitter handle, DP William Ruto said that he had a meeting with Nanyuki residents.

He also revealed how he empowered over 500 small-scale traders in the town. His campaign team was accompanied by Turkana County Governor Josephat Nanok. Governor Nanok has been a staunch supporter of Raila Odinga until last year when he shifted allegiance to DP Ruto.

Other politicians that accompanied Ruto include MPs Amin Deddy Mohamed of Laikipia East Constituency and Patrick Mariru of Laikipia West.

From the photos that the DP’s team shared on social media, there were thousands of people that attended the political rally. Because of that, political bloggers allied to Raila Odinga started driving a narrative that the photographer manipulated the photos.


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In one photo, the vehicle that Ruto was standing on appeared curved. A Twitter user sarcastically said that the curved vehicle looked cool.

“That curved vehicle looks nice. Is it a limousine?” asked one Francis Yongo. Ruto’s supporters did not take it kindly, and they were immediately on the defensive.

Yes, the vehicle in one photo appears curved, and that is because of the wide angle view. Sometimes while taking professional photos, the cameraman needs different lenses to achieve different objectives.

Because there were many people attending the event, Ruto’s photographer Naitwa Mwangi must have used a wider lens. He had to drive the point that an enormous crowd was out to listen to his boss. A wide lens will definitely capture as many subjects as possible.

Therefore, those that think that they manipulated the photos should learn a thing or two about photography.

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