Why TSC will not Promote This Group of Teachers in Future

There is a new criterion for why TSC will not promote some teachers in its payroll in the future. More than 36,000 teachers were promoted recently. This was after more than 100,000 of them expressed interest by attending the promotion interviews in December 2023 and January 2024.

Why thousands of teachers protested the promotion results

When the results came out, many teachers who had stagnated in some job groups for many years cried foul. They felt that TSC should have considered the length of stay in the same job groups. However, the marking scheme had many parameters that the panelists used to determine the teachers to be promoted.

Some of the areas that the marking scheme covered were age, participation in co-curricular activities, length of stay in the current grade, performance in TPAD, and responsibilities held by a teacher even in acting capacity.

Teachers that had acted in administrative positions

Those who had genuinely acted as either deputy head-teachers/principals or head-teachers/principals for a year or more had an upper hand in the interviews. The teachers were supposed to provide evidence of the same. There are those who prepared fake letters for the interviews, but the panelists had a way of verifying the information.

For instance, teachers who had acted for less than a year but more than six months scored 10 marks, while those who had acted for more than a year scored fifteen (15) marks.

TPD training

Going forward, TSC has declared that participation in TPD training is now mandatory. The commission will not consider teachers who will not participate in TPD modules for promotion in the future. The commission invited more universities and other tertiary institutions to express their interest in providing TPD training for all registered teachers.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia has asked all teachers to enroll for the program that will kick off in December 2024.

The accredited institutions have structured the TPD training into modules. They have divided it into six modules of five years each. TSC gives a certificate to the participants after every module. The program started in 2021 and some teachers have already enrolled.

Low enrollment

TSC is concerned that very few teachers have embraced TPD training, and that is why it has decided that it is now a criterion for any teacher seeking a promotion. Many teachers are not willing to pay the KES 6,000 fee that the accredited institutions charge every year.

The Kenya Kwanza government promised to consider making the program free for teachers on the TSC payroll. Their argument was that TPD training is capacity building, which should be at the expense of the employer. Teachers are waiting to see whether the government will keep its campaign promise.


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