Why The Matatu Driver That Carried Kangogo The Night Before Her Death Blames The Police

Caroline Kangogo’s death is a mystery to many after being on the run for almost 10days. She was found in the bathroom dead with a gun in her hand and lying in a pool of blood. All indications point towards suicide but a section of Kenyans feel like she was assassinated by the DCI.

Her father who is a former police officer has refuted those claims and insisted that her daughter indeed committed suicide because she had locked herself in the bathroom from the inside. The pattern of the bullet wound confirms the position she was found in.

Caroline used to travel a lot between counties and the ineffective directorate of criminal investigations would not find her which is a big lesson to the DCI and Kenyans. It means that we still have a long way to go when it comes to gathering intelligence information and criminal investigations.

Most criminals here in Kenya get away with murder and various criminal activities because of the complacence in the criminal investigation department. There are murder cases that have gone cold or have been thrown out of court because of lack of evidence but if the department is revamped and given adequate resources they need then we will be at the level of FBI or Scotland Yard.

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A Matatu driver that carried Caroline Kangogo in his vehicle from Iten to her home in Anin has revealed that when Kangogo came to board his Matatu, she had a mask and a maroon scarf.

She looked suspicious and she kept hiding her face and that raised his curiosity. This prompted him to look keenly at her and he realized that he was indeed carrying the rogue police officer that has been on the run.

He quickly informed his colleagues and called the police who thought he was bluffing. The police never bothered to come and see the lady in question. They just brushed off the idea and stated that Kangogo was not that stupid to board a public vehicle.

She alighted at Anin and took a motorcycle that dropped her about 5o metres from her father’s home. She reached home at around 10 pm and went straight to her room.

From the above information, it is clear that the police were complacent with the intelligence report they were given by the members of the public about Kangogo’s whereabouts. If they would have acted on the intelligence reports maybe the lady would have been alive and in prison.

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