Why Tanzanian Songstress Zuchu Turned Down a KES 12 Million Marketing Deal

Some people wonder how musicians make money apart from selling their music and performing at concerts. Well, there are many streams of income for music artistes nowadays. But the most lucrative one is brand ambassadorial deals.

Major companies approach public figures and hire them to market their products because of their influence in society. Compensation depends on the individual’s following on social media. It is a game of numbers.

An example of how influential public figures are is when Cristiano Ronaldo discouraged people from drinking Coke during one of his press conferences at the UEFA Euro Cup 2020 competition. He moved a bottle of Coke away from the table and said something negative about it.

The company experienced a drop in sales just from that incident. Paul Pogba pulled a similar stunt but this time it was Heineken; an alcoholic beverage brand. He pushed a bottle of Heineken aside because he is a Muslim who detests drinking of alcohol. Fortunately for Heineken, that move by Pogba lead to an increase in sales because of the mere attention he gave it.

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Tanzanian songbird Zuhura Othman Soud, popularly known as Zuchu has pulled a move that not many musicians can manage. She has revealed how she turned down a brand ambassadorial deal worth TSH 250 million (KES 11.6 million).

She was supposed to help some company promote their alcoholic beverage. According to Zuchu, her principles do not allow her to market alcohol.

“I would not have done them justice if I accepted the deal worth a quarter a billion Tanzanian Shillings. If you market something, it is important that you also take it. I don’t take alcohol,” said Zuchu in an interview.

She went ahead to reveal that her mother Khadija Kopa begged her to never market alcoholic drinks. It seems she is very obedient because it is not easy for someone to turn down money especially during these tough COVID-19 times.

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