Why Somizi Is Accused Of Taking Advantage Of Young Men

 Somizi Mholongo is a Media personality and South African idols judge who has been making headlines lately .

48-year-old  Somizi was accused by his husband Mohale Mataung of abusing him physically.

The Couple is going through divorce proceedings after they were unable to settle their differences out of the court of public opinion.

His husband Mohale Mataung told producers of the reality show dubbed living the dream with Somizo that his wife tried to kill him.

He used a kitchen knife to try and stab him to death but he overpowered him. Somizo also tried to hit him off the road while he tried to flee.

In his defense, Somizi accused Mohale of cheating in their marriage and he is out to tarnish his reputation.

“It never crossed my mind that I would need to defend my honor as a result of someone I loved deeply deliberately harming my reputation”.

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Before the dust has settled down, an old video has been leaked on social media.

The video is an interview between Mohale and Somizi live on the radio. In that interview, Somizi is heard cursing himself for not seizing the opportunity to date the young Mac -G.

Mac-G at the time was young, broke, and vulnerable and according to Somizi, that was the best time to pounce and hit on him.

Even though Mac-G insisted on being into girls only, Somizi is reply was that when one is desperate, anything can work for them.

This interview shows what kind of person that Somizi is. He likes to take advantage of young, broke, and vulnerable men.

The video has gone viral and Netizens are having a field day mocking the media personality.

Check out some of the reactions from South Africans,

@versatilema26: “So Somizi loves the young, broke and vulnerable boys, now that’s paedophile vibez, I believe Mohale now.”

@dramadelinquent: “There is nothing OK with what Somizi said. But he gets away with it like all men do when they act like a predator.”
Click HERE to watch the video

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