Why KFC Is Not Using Kenyan Potatoes, Imports Them To Make Chips

KFC admitted to running out of potatoes, It took Kenyans aback.
This means you won’t be able to buy your favorite chips until they receive the potatoes they require.
It perplexs Kenyans why KFC cannot simply purchase Kenyan potatoes, which are plenty.
They get their potatoes from the United States and import them chopped and frozen.
Egypt and South Africa supply their chicken.

They blamed the scarcity on a surge in fries orders during the December holiday season and the post-New Year celebrations, according to KFC.

The American fast-food chain issued an apology to its loyal customers, stating that its team was trying to rectify the problem.

Customers could also choose from a variety of different substitutions, such as chicken, snack buns, coleslaw, ugali, and drinks.

Taking to social media, the company apologised to its esteemed customers, saying its team was working to resolve the issue.

“Fam, it was truly a Furaha December.

Mlikula sherehe with your KFC faves. Ya’ll loved our chips a little too much, and we’ve run out.

Sorry! Our team is working hard to resolve the issue,” said the company. 

KFC imports potatoes to ensure that they met global standards throughout all of their locations.

There you have it Kenyans, your potatoes and chicken do not meet the required standards to make it to a KFC kitchen.

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