Why Kamene Goro is fighting with Her Former Co-host Andrew Kibe

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe made one of the most enviable radio host partners ever. Their vibes seemed so synchronized and many Kenyans loved their show at Kiss 100 FM.

However, Andrew Kibe resigned suddenly last year. His resignation came as a surprise given the chemistry he had with Kamene.

The Radio Africa Group CEO Patrick Quarcoo then took a bold step. He called Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalango. Milele FM had just sacked the former Papa Shirandula comedian. He was readily available to join Kamene Goro in the Morning Kiss breakfast show.

Andrew Kibe did not give a convincing reason for hanging his boots. He simply said that he did not like it that his bosses pitied him. Since that time, he stopped working for radio stations. He started his own podcasts.

The outspoken bachelor has an enormous fan base. He recently moved to the United States of America. But he has maintained his Kenyan audience through live sessions on Instagram.

In one of his latest videos, he directly attacked many Kenyan influencers for not putting the government in check. So many things have been going wrong of late. Most notably are the skyrocketing fuel prices. Super petrol is currently trading at KES 134 per litre which is outrageous.

When he mentioned his former co-host Kamene Goro in the list of celebrities that are paid to look away, she did not take it kindly.

In all fairness, Kamene and Jalango have been complaining about the high fuel prices on their show. That is why she dismissed Kibe’s statement saying that he has not been listening.

“Seems you stopped listening to radio since you left? Bro, keep current, don’t draw me into these rants of yours, respectfully. I am always on the front line,” wrote Kamene.

Some of Kibe’s fans were immediately on Kamene’s case blaming her for not standing up against government oppression. Others told Kibe off. When he was on radio, he did nothing.

“Kibe himself said nothing while he was on radio, and he knows it,” said one Godwin Collins.

Do you think Kibe was fair to attack his friend Kamene Goro or his claims are farfetched?

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