Why Governor Mutua Decided To Keep Lillian Ng’ang’a As His Advisor Even After She Dumped Him

It is not easy for a man of his political standing to publicly release a divorce statement regarding his beautiful wife. It takes a lot of courage and soul searching to do that.

For many politicians, such news is so bad for their reputation a few months after the election. Governor Mutua is doing his last term and from the look of things, he is likely going to try his hand in presidential elections.

He might not have the resources but he has the support of Kenyans who feel that he has the capacity to bring change to the way we do our politics and governance.

Governor Alfred Mutua and his beautiful wife Lillian Ng’ang’a mutually decided to end their marriage. The two have been living together for a decade as husband and wife.

Mutua divorced his first wife called DR. Josephine Thitu and they have Mutua have three kids together but he was yet to sire kids with Lillian Ng’anga’.

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In a statement posted in their social media accounts, the power couple revealed that they will continue being friends even after separating. Governor Mutua particularly assured his supporters that the projects initiated by the first lady will continue even though they are no longer together.

He further revealed that he will retain her services as his chief adviser because she has a very sharp insight into different aspects of governance and decision-making.

Retaining her as a close advisor says a lot about the lady and what Alfred thinks of her in terms of her intelligence and capacity. She not only has beauty but brains as well.

“Lillian and I have been a blessing to each other. Two months ago, we decided to slowly disengage. We are on amicable terms and remain very close as friends. We will continue to talk, meet and share ideas constantly.

Lillian has been an excellent First Lady and even though she will do some projects under the Lillian Nganga foundation, we have agreed she can continue with her county projects.

She will be a close advisor as I Govern Machakos County and run for President because I trust her sharp insight and heart”.

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