What Was Found In This V8 Shows The New Tricks Thugs Are Using To Evade The Police

Thugs are always looking for ways to evade the police and continue with their activities of enriching themselves through robbery with violence.

The security organs must ensure that they protect the lives and properties of Kenyans. To do this, they have to invest in mechanisms of receiving intelligence information from members of the public so that they are one step ahead of these criminals.

Thugs are people that we live together within society, so it is very easy for all of us to smoke out bad people because we interact with them daily in our lives.

The notion that high-end fuel guzzlers are used by well-to-do individuals in society is a bad one because thugs are now using that perception by the public to operate their illegal activities without anyone suspecting them.

We have seen in the past how hospital ambulances and government vehicles have been used by thugs to transport bang because they are sure that they cannot be flagged by the traffic police manning our highways.

It takes a tip-off from members of the public to help the directorate of criminal investigation officers to apprehend such dangerous characters.

A few days ago, a man identified as Chris Mwangangi and Lucia Wanjiku were driving a black land cruiser at very a high speed without registration number plates and the police officers along Argwings Kodhek and Ring Road junction within Kilimani flagged him down and ordered him to stop.

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After conducting a quick such in the vehicle, they discovered that he had a Cezka pistol with an erased serial number and a revolver pistol.

It was discovered that the driver of the Land Cruiser V8 was not the real owner of the car. It belonged to Jeff Maina who came in driving a Mercedes Benz after Mwangangi called him that they had been arrested and taken to Kilimani police station.

Jeff Maina was also arrested after the criminal investigation officers found a Cezka magazine with 7 rounds of ammunition, police handcuffs, and several identification cards.

Preliminary investigations have led to the arrest of a Mombasa-based police officer who is believed to have given them the handcuffs. They have since been detained as investigations continue to unravel the criminal activities they are doing in the city

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