What Deep State Did To Lawyer Khaminwa After BBI Case Submissions In Court Last Night

Doctor John Khaminwa is an 85-year-old senior council and human rights activist who has been in practice for many years. He has appeared in many high-profile cases in the country among them the presidential petitions and the famous Goldenberg scandal.

He regards law as part of his life. According to him, listening to people’s problems and able to solve them other than worrying about your own is very therapeutic and that is why he has not hung his gown to start his retirement.

He was very vocal in the fight against corruption and dictatorship meted by the Kanu regime. Khaminwa and a host of other activists fought for multiparty democracy in the early 80’s something that landed him in detention for a whole year between 82 and 83.
He has represented the fighters of the second liberation like Oginga Odinga, Kenneth Matiba, and very many others.

The fearless lawyer made headlines yesterday in the court of appeal when he castigated President Uhuru Kenyatta for being selfish in instigating unconstitutional processes that are meant to mutilate the constitution for his benefit.

Khaminwa told the judges to stand their ground and throw out the petition brought before the court of appeal by president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga because it had no merits. Khaminwa caused laughter when he informed the 7 judge bench that the lawyers representing the appellants were his friends and they didn’t believe in the case.

His emotional closing remarks might have swayed the case to his favor meaning that president Uhuru Kenyatta might lose the BBI case that he has put his energy and resources to make it possible.

According to Tanga Tanga spokesperson Dennis Itumbi, the deep state was not happy with Khaminwa’s actions in court and they sent police officers to his office last night to visit him and try to intimidate the old man and register their disappointments with him.
Here is what Itumbi posted;

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