Was He The One Leaking Secrets? Senior Statehouse Officer Resigns, Joins Ruto

Ruto is the top contender in the up-coming general elections. He has formed a formidable team that will help him clinch the presidency.

The few months remaining as we approach the 2022 elections, we will see many political realignments.

People are defecting to UDA, ODM, WIPER and other political parties across the country.

The deputy president William Ruto will square it out with former prime minister Raila Odinga, who has unsuccessfully run for the seat.

Dennis Itumbi is the lead guy in spinning matters in Ruto’s camp. He is the chief propagandist for the deputy president.

He has been running a bureau called hustler intelligence that allegedly leaks all the government conspiracies against the deputy president.

Itumbi seems to be ahead of the government operatives and he has all the information regarding secret meetings that happen in government.

People have been wondering how he leaks every move that the president and his men make.

Well, those questions got an answer today after a senior Statehouse officer that was in charge of protocol resigned.

The reason he left his big money job is still a mystery in many Kenyans.

After we saw him at Karen, it was a clear sign he was not in the outstanding books of the president.

Joining UDA and flanked by close allies of the deputy president like Kimani Ngunjiri and Oscar Sudi, confirms everything.

His actions and timing of resignation are a clear sign that he might be the one leaking sensitive information.

Erick Kiprotich is now a UDA member, and it is not yet clear if he will venture into politics or he will strategically lobby for a post in Ruto’s government.


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