Wafula Chebukati Is Facing Jail

Wafula Chebukati is the current chairman for IEBC. To keep his job, he has weathered several storms.

His work is arduous, and politicians put a lot of pressure on him to ensure that they hold a fair general election.

Controversy has marred Wafula Chebukati’s tenure, but his tenacity and calm attitude have helped him to stay in power.

Wafula Chebukati, the Chairperson of (IEBC), is haunted by the ghosts of the contentious 2017 General Election.

Inconsistencies and technicalities hampered the surveys, many of which stemmed from the mysterious computer servers.

IEBC have not yet opened the famous servers four years later.

Chebukati is now fighting a court action brought by a Muslim for Human Rights, which seeks to imprison him.

They intend to prevent him from continuing to work for the electoral commission.

In its petition, the rights group accuses Chebukati of denying it and other petitioners access to servers.

The servers contain crucial data on the 2017 presidential election.

In his defense, Chebukati claimed that the Mombasa High Court lacked jurisdiction to issue orders.

The caught sought to have him jailed for six months.


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“Here, the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction to penalize for contempt”.

“This is because it is the court that issued the pertinent orders dated August 28, 2017,” Chebukati stated.

Chebukati also criticized the orders, claiming that he was being sued not by himself but by the entire election commission.

“Although I was the first respondent in the Raila Odinga case, they issued no orders against me personally.”

They did not sue me for my personal capacity,” Chebukati insisted.

He told the presiding Judge, Hedwig Ong’undi, that the Constitution has given the National Assembly the right to prison.

The IEBC chair read malice into the petition, claiming that it should obstruct his capacity to carry out his mandate.

Chebukati argued, through his lawyer, Murugu Rigoro, that the Supreme Court did not hold him personally liable in 2017.

The Supreme Court declared the Presidential election results void because the IEBC did not follow the constitution’s standards.

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