Unbelievable! Mithika Linturi On The Spot After What He Did TO Another Man’s Wife In An Hotel Room

Meru senator Mithika Linturi is one the spot after a woman filed a suit against him for attempting to rape her at a hotel room where she was staying with her husband.

The senetor who was also in the same place must have been thirsting over the woman and was looking for an opportunity to pounce on her like a tiger.

The elderly senetor finally got the opportunity when her husband stepped out of the room to bring some stuff. He must have been monitoring the movement of the man.

When he confirmed that the woman was alone in the room, the shameless senetor went into her room and expected to get the goodies because he is a loaded politician.

The distressed woman reported in her statement the police that she was with her husband and friends at Maiyan Villas Resort Nanyuki on January 29 2021.

In her statement she said that while still in the resort with her husband, she later that night went back to their room to take a nap but she did not lock the door because her husband was still out.

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She narrated that at around 3 am in the morning, she heard the door unlocked and someone entered the room and since the lights were switched off and the door was not locked with a key, she assumed it was her husband and the person entered her bed and started touching her in a very unusual manner.

Strange enough according to the woman, the man she thought was her husband never uttered a single word while he inappropriately touched and tried to arouse her sexually. They however both fell asleep.

“ While sleeping soundly, she heard a knock on the door about thirty minutes after a man she thought was her husband touched her romantically and went to open the door only to find her husband standing at the door prompting her to switch on the lights since she was confused who was in her bed whom she thought was her husband,” the statement reads in part.

Hell broke loose when they switched on the lights, they both realized that there was a stranger in their bed and the husband became furious raising an alarm.

Their friends who were with them in the hotel heard the commotion and came to the room to see what was happening. One of them identified the stranger in bed as Meru senetor, Mithika Linturi.

It was later established that the Mithika was also a guest in the resort and had a room adjacent to the couple’s room and it’s not clear if the senator mistook his villa with that of the couple.

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It is likely that he might have been drunk and confused because they way he felt asleep while caressing the woman explains his situation

Mithika offered to settle the matter by offering them Sh 200,000 in cash and Sh 800,000 cheque which they agreed but later went against their agreement filed for exortotion against them

The move made by Linturi to report sue them for extortion prompted the couple to file their complaint of attempted rape and indecent act with an adult against him .

Through his Lawyer Charles Mwongela, senetor Linturi wants the court to bar the state from charging and arresting him for the attempted rape and indecent act with an adult.

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