“Unatuchezea akili!” Facebook DCI Expose a Man That Posted His Wife on a Popular Couples Group

Social media comes with a lot of peer pressure. Everyone wants to look like they have their act together. When that does not happen, some people tend to suffer from depression.

There is a popular Facebook group called ‘Thriving Couples’. This is a group that was created by Drs. Keith and Esther Dindi to encourage married Kenyans to stick to their partners. The aim of the group is to emphasize that marriage works.

Many couples normally share their photos and very interesting stories about how they met. Spouses also confess their love for one another and it is always so nice.

There are those that post in the group for fun, others post for likes and sweet comments, and others post for purely public relations.

A man by the name Kariuki Wa Mwangi posted a photo posing with his wife and claimed that they are living happily despite the ups and downs.

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“We have been together since January 2015. We have really struggled together just like many other couples. We have had our ups and down. But we are stronger now and our marriage is working perfectly. God have blessed us with two boys,” read Kariuki’s caption on the photos.

A keen group member by the name Gitonga Ruth unearthed a post that Kariuki had written on the same group on 12th December 2020. In the group, Kariuki thanked the creator of the group for teaching singles like him about marriage.

“I am actually addicted to this page. You are really teaching us singles on how we can build our own marriages. Congratulations and be blessed,” wrote Kariuki.

Ruth posted a screenshot of the post saying, “Sasa ona ulituchezea akili (now see you played with our minds).”

It is hilarious how Facebook DCI can embarrass someone. Before posting something that is not accurate on social media, just know that to be a good liar, you must have a sharp memory.

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