Uhuru/Raila: The Amount Of Money They Bribed Mps To Pass Bill

Uhuru/Raila: The Amount Of Money They Bribed Mps To Pass Bill

Uhuru/Raila is giving deputy president William Ruto sleepless nights because of their newfound unity and affection.
Their most recent act of love and solidarity is a contentious law currently before parliament.
The two have the numbers and the experience of putting Ruto and his staff to the test.
Robert Pukose, an Endebess Member of Parliament, has accused pro-handshake MPs of taking bribes.

The bribes were mean’t to support the contentious Political Parties Amendment Bill.

Pukose said that MPs received Ksh100,000 each after the Bill passed through the second reading stage.

He was addressing a political gathering on January 2.

Ruto has also accused Uhuru/Raila  of interfering, claiming that the Bill intends to give Azimio la Umoja an advantage .

“Those who favor this bill are each compensated Ksh100,000 to ensure that it passes.”

Bribery has now reached the halls of parliament.

“We want to inform our members who took this money from the government that they have surrendered their rights.

Pukose warned they will face judgment in the coming general elections.

The Endebess politician further stated that if the Bill passes through parliament, they will take legal action.

This is even though we expect MPs to consider additional revisions to the draft Bill.

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He claimed the Bill was illegal because it allowed the Registrar of Political Parties to sway political party nominations.

“We would want to inform our colleagues that the subject of allowing the Registrar of Political Parties’ nomination rights is not acceptable.

“We’ll fight it out in parliament, and if they try to force their way through, we’ll go to court,” the politician said.

Speaker Justin Muturi has called for another extraordinary sitting from Wednesday to Saturday, January 7.

The aim is to bring the Bill to the third reading stage.

Allies of Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula claimed on another occasion that Ford-Kenya will support the Bill’s passage.

This is because it lays out a clear formula for dividing the political parties’ funds.

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