Uhuru Is Now Working For Nasa: Ruto Indirectly Attacks The president By Saying This About His Performance.

The deputy president continues his onslaught against President Uhuru Kenyatta after he said in a church function that Uhuru Kenyatta has failed in his mandate to deliver his election promises and he has been hijacked by Nasa political conmen to work for them.

According to William Ruto, the president is preoccupied with trying to unite Nasa in a bid to combine efforts to stop him from ascending to power. Ruto accused the Nasa principles of greed and challenged them to stop bothering the president and prepare to face him in the coming general election.

The chief hustler went on to urge the president to concentrate on delivering on his mandate because he is a president for everybody and not the five men. The president has fallen out with his deputy over reasons well known to them but according to political analysts and people close to them, the president feels that William Ruto is so focused on succeeding him instead of helping him to run the government.

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His open defiance to stop early campaigns and support his agenda completely broke their relationship. The deputy president has also planned and executed a political coupe on him when he ran away with almost all the members of parliament and county assembly from the president’s backyard.

The president is now facing rejection from his own people after Ruto successfully instilled in them the hustler mentality. He is simply telling them that I am the only one that can give you an equal chance to succeed in this country because your son only cares about his businesses and that of his rich friends.

Nobody knows how the politics will play out next year but be rest assured it will be hot to handle with more alignments and coalitions set to take place. It will be interesting to know how the mountain will react when Ruto finally picks his running mate.

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