TSC salary increment 2024 Good news for Kenyan teachers

Many Kenyan teachers are eagerly waiting for the TSC salary increment 2024. The government implemented the first phase of enhanced salaries for teachers in July 2023. The phase will run until June 30, 2024.

TSC salary increment 2024

The teachers will be all smiles again at the end of July 2024, when the second phase will be implemented. The chairperson budget and appropriations parliamentary committee, Hon Ndindi Nyoro has confirmed that money has already been set aside for TSC to implement the increment.

Teachers who are in cluster 4 of house allowance are set to enjoy a significant adjustment in house allowance. Cluster 4, which falls under “all other areas”, will now be harmonized with cluster 3. Cluster 3 falls under “other former municipalities”. This means that teachers in lower grades will see their payslips adjusted accordingly.

Enhanced house allowance

For instance, TSC increased the house allowance of teachers in grade C3 and C4 from KES 13,000 to 14,055. That was the first phase of the increment. As of July 2024, the figure will increase to KES 16,500 when TSC will factor in the second phase.

Those in C2 and in cluster 4 will have their house allowance adjusted from KES 8133 to 9600. TSC will also adjust the house allowance for teachers in C1 and in cluster 4 from KES 5000 to 5800. As for those in C5 and in cluster 4, their house allowance will increase from KES 16,184to 18,000. The administrators in D1 to D4 and in cluster 4 will see their house allowance increased from 18,066 to 21,000.

The teachers’ unions’ dream

The giant teachers’ unions KNUT and KUPPET hope that with time, TSC will harmonise the house allowances for all teachers in all regions. Nairobi Region, which falls under cluster 1, takes the lion’s share when it comes to house allowance. They are closely followed by Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru City, Nyeri, Eldoret, Thika, Kisii, Malindi, and Kitale municipalites, which fall under cluster 2. Have a look at the screenshot below to see the disparity in house allowances for teachers.


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