This Group of Teachers will not benefit from TSC Phase 2 Salary Increment

Kenyan teachers are eager for the TSC Phase 2 salary increment that is due in July 2024. TSC reviewed teachers’ salaries in July 2023 but the government was to implement the increment in two phases. The teachers got an increment ranging between 2 and 7%, with the lower cadres taking the lion’s share of the same.

The 2017–2021 CBA favoured administrators

Lower cadre teachers include primary school classroom teachers and secondary school teachers who are not in administrative positions. In the 2017–2021 collective bargaining agreement between TSC and teachers’ unions, those in administrative positions benefited the most.

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It was during this period that TSC introduced responsibility allowance for Heads of institutions and their deputies. Many teachers felt that their unions served them a raw deal since they did not experience any meaningful increment.

That is why the government saw it wise to reward lower cadre teachers in the 2021–2025 CBA. They got the higher percentage in last year’s increment on their basic salaries.

The group of teachers that will not benefit from TSC Phase 2 salary increment

Teachers who had not joined the teaching service during the July 2023 increment will not benefit from the forthcoming July 2024 increment. Also, those teachers that work in Cluster 1, 2 and 3 of house allowance will have nothing to smile about in July.

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During last year’s salary review, TSC and teachers’ unions agreed to merge Cluster 4 and 3 of house allowances. Only those in cluster 4 will experience a boost on their pay slip. For instance, a teacher in Grade C3 who was earning KES 13000 as house allowance in June last year will be earning KES 16500 by end of July 2024.

The government decided to implement the increment in house allowance for Cluster 4 teachers in two phases. Those in C3 and C4 currently earn KES 14055 as house allowance. In July 2024, the figure will rise to KES 16,500.

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The unions’ end game

KNUT and KUPPET have been agitating for harmonization of house allowance for all teachers, despite the region where they work. That is their end game. Merging Cluster 3 and 4 was a step in the right direction. Some teachers feel that the government short changed them by paying colleagues in neighbouring schools enhanced house allowances yet they live in the same neighbourhoods.


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