TSC Directs Teachers to Attend New TPD Training over the Holiday

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has directed that all teachers attend the new TPD training that the government will roll out over the holiday. The program has slowly gained a lot of support from the Kenyan government.

Meaning of TPD

TPD stands for Teacher Professional Development. This is a series of continuous in-service courses organized by the teachers’ employer to sharpen their teaching skills. The training has been divided into six modules. Each module takes five years to complete.

TSC requires that each teacher pay KES 6,000 for the refresher courses. They decided to outsource the training services to some popular government and private institutions. Some of the institutions that have already carried out some TPD training include Riara University, Kenyatta University, Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI) and Mount Kenya University.

Expression of interest advert

Through the CEO, TSC advertised an expression of interest tender recently in local dailies. The advertisement invited more institutions to express their interest in providing TPD training and related programs for registered teachers in Kenya.

The advertisement, which ran on February 14, 2024, directed that the program is supposed to kick off during the December 2024 holiday. TSC prefers the December holiday because many teachers will be on holiday then. The December holiday is the longest in the Kenyan academic calendar.

The cost of the TPD training

Many teachers have not been keen with the TPD training because of the cost implications. Not many of them are willing to part with KES 6000 every year for thirty years. But the Kenya Kwanza government promised to shoulder the cost for the teachers. However, that has not been confirmed.

Some teachers have already done a section of the first module. During the last training, teachers who went to TPD meetings did so during evening and night online classes. After finishing 5 parts of the introductory module, they were given certificates.

Topics covered during TPD Training

Some of the most important topics that were taught in the first module were Teacher Professionalism, The CBC Education Methodologies and Open Practices, Assessments, Comprehensive School Health and Safety, Instructional Leadership, and Financial Literacy. These are the same areas that the contracted training institutions will cover when new teachers enroll in their institutions in December.


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