Try And Iron Your Clothes: Irate Fan Blasts Akothee Daughter’s Sense Of Style

Fancy Makadia is Akothee’s most popular daughter among her siblings. The young girl has some dope moves when it comes to dancing and a nice figure too. She has a huge following and her social media pages are very active even more than that of her mother.

Fancy Makadia is the next superstar in that family and she is taking over from her mum. Social media builds careers but it can equally destroy them because of the kind of scrutiny you get when you start becoming popular.

Social media can be unforgiving if you are weak, it needs someone with thick skin because cyberbullies are waiting for you to completely kill your self-esteem. Fancy is still young but she must have taken her mother’s heart and skin because Akothee is a lioness and she is not intimidated by anything. She faces her bullies head-on and that is why she has been on top of her game for some years now.

The beautiful lady regularly updates her fans on her official social media accounts but as usual, she gets very positive comments but there is no doubt haters also get their time to mock her and body shame her because that is where they thrive the most.

This one particular post by Fancy was reacted to by very many of her followers where she had asked her fans to guess where her man will be taking her this evening. Most of them tried to answer the question while others took their attention elsewhere.

One of them decided to mock her sense of style and advised her to always try and iron her clothes which according to him looked whack on her. Fancy off course ignored the hater but these spaces can be challenging for the faint-hearted.

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