True Love; The Hip-Hop Deejay That Married This Beautiful Akorino Woman (PHOTOS)

Their story of Sarah Williams and the love of her life, DJ Willy Diciple dates back to 2012. DJ Willy was a ‘yoyo’ (a term used by Kenyans to describe people that dress like old school American rappers).

In their first encounter, the guy approached Sarah and simply said, “Hi”. It was very courageous of him to approach an ‘Akorino’ woman while wearing baggy clothes and outrageous ‘bling bling’.

 “You know, those days approaching an Akorino girl was no mean task. Very few (if not none) of the men from the “world” would show interest in you or have the guts. Girls from my church had mad respect for the few gentlemen that tried to tune any of us so this one caught my attention,” wrote Sarah in one of her viral Facebook posts.

Her main problem though was where she would get the energy to even introduce him as her main man. Their lifestyles were quite different.

It was a pleasant coincidence though that they were both heartbroken from their previous relationships.

“First we became bosom buddies that we did not realize how we fell in love with each other. Suddenly he told me that he wanted to marry me, something that scared me to death. I never wanted anything to do with marriage at that moment. It took a whole year of him asking and me refusing,” Sarah narrates.

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Long story short, in December 2015, they were both at the altar making a commitment to God and to each other that they’ll fight for their new family even after almost everyone was against it. Her father was among those that were opposed to their union.

The two lovebirds celebrated their 5th anniversary recently. Their parents now respect their union including Sarah’s father who loves DJ Willy because he has been good to her.

The Akorino girl asserts that her husband is the best gift God has ever given to her. DJ Willy is specially designed for her. In her own words, Willy is very hardworking, a good father, her best friend, and her life partner.

Here are amazing photos of the couple that an excited Sarah shared on Facebook during their recent anniversary celebration;

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