Tob Cohen: Judge Sankale Ole Kantai participated in the planning, cover up of His Murder

Tob Cohen  died at his Kitisuru house after they assassinated him in 2019 and his body dumped in his septic tank.

After he had been missing for several days, detectives discovered his body.

Sarah Cohen, the Dutch tycoon’s widow, is the major suspect in his murder.

Sankale Ole Kantai, a judge, is also a co-conspirator. Sarah Coheb was the judge’s mistress.

They allegedly plotted to assassinate businessman Tob Coheb in order to acquire his vast fortune.

The Court of Appeal Judge Sankale Ole Kantai actively  planned and covered-up Cohen’s murder.

According to John Gachomo, a senior assistant Inspector General of Police at the DCI headquarters, this is the case.

According to the officer, the judge held many meetings with Sarah Wairimu, the late Dutch tycoon’s wife.

He did it at various locations, times, and dates to plan the murder.

The DCI is blaming agents and officials at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP)

They made an attempt to end the investigation in an illegal and unconstitutional manner to scupper attempts to charge the judge.

The ODPP never told the DCI what evidence was missing from the investigative file that was provided to them for review, according to the DCI.

Cohen was apparently unaware that the judge had fraudulently transferred the late Silas Itas’ share to himself.

He also went ahead to transfer those shares to his wife to Sarah Wairimu, according to the DCI officer.

They killed Cohen just two days after he discovered the judge and his wife fraudulently transferred  his assets to themselves.

According to the officer, the judge’s involvement in the suspected illegal share transfer was deliberate.

It was meant to transfer the late Cohen’s interest in Sarah Wairimu’s company.


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