This Surprising Detail about the Timing of Alfred Mutua and Lillian’s Breakup Raises Questions

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Lillian Nganga have somehow proved right the famous Kenyan saying that goes, “it will end in premium tears”. The two lovebirds have been a trending topic on all the popular social media platforms in Kenya.

Before meeting Lillian, the former government spokesman was married to the mother of his three children, Dr. Josephine Thitu. Their marriage was official because they walked down the aisle in July 2000 at Nairobi Baptist Church, Ngong Road.

Dr. Josephine Thitu wrote an open protest letter when Alfred Mutua announced Lillian as his official wife and therefore the Machakos County First Lady. It turned out they were not officially divorced.

That clearly meant that the eloquent and witty governor was technically cheating on his official wife.

Hawk eyed Kenyans have noticed something fishy about Lillian Nganga’s union with Dr. Mutua. The two met in the year 2012 just before he was elected as the first ever governor of Machakos County.

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At that time, it was pretty obvious that he was to win the seat given the political dynamics of that time. He was the candidate with Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Democratic Movement Party ticket which was already very popular in Ukambani.

The beautiful lady has now walked out on him just before he is about to leave office. Was she in it for the money and fame?

In her statement, she unapologetically said that they had ‘a good run’. She had a good run.

Popular American comedian Chris Rock once said that only women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally. But a man is only loved under one condition; that he provides something. That ‘something’ can be in form of money or fame.

Women can be very calculative. When they realize that a powerful man is about to lose his power, they simply drop them like a hot potato.

As much as the good governor said that they are still cordial and they will be working closely as ‘friends’, all is not well.

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