This Sad Fact About Njeri’s Family Overwhelms Mourners With Sorrow

Philomena Njeri was laid to rest on 10th August 2021 at her mother’s home in Kianjege village, Kirinyaga county. This is after she was shot four times by her husband in their matrimonial home in Kirigiti, Kiambu county.

Emotions ran high as her friends and family eulogized her as a generous woman who always looked out for the people she loved.

“When my daughter Mumbi died 7 months ago, it is Njeri who has been my greatest support system. My late daughter left me with two kids. When they used to ask me the toughest questions, Njeri always came in handy. There are a lot of similarities between my daughter’s burial and Njeri’s. I am sure they will meet in heaven. They used to be great friends,” said the lady.

One of Njeri’s friends also read her Eulogy and concluded by using a line that the deceased loved to say.

“During tough situations, Njeri would always say ‘si ni life’. Anyone that knew Njeri will agree with me that that was her favorite line,” Njeri’s friend said.

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Her mother could not even speak because she was too emotional and in shock after losing her only child in a very brutal manner. The fact that her mother Margret Wanjiru was a single parent moved mourners to tears because she lost her only pillar in her life.

The real cause of Mukundi’s actions towards his dear wife of 10 years is yet to be established because there are no suspects to testify. Mukundi and Philomena were childless even after living together as husband and wife for almost a decade. This is one of the reasons they were always fighting because Mukundi was not able to give his wife kids and make her a mother.

Rumors going around say that Philomena cheated on Mukundi behind his back and was building a multimillion apartment block without her husband’s knowledge. This might have infuriated the wealthy businessman who felt betrayed and used by his wife.

Mukundi was a very violent man and at one time he released over 10 dogs to his domestic worker for taking a can of beer from his fridge without his permission. The dogs almost ate the man alive but thanks to God he was able to escape unscathed.

Jonathan Mukundi is also set to be laid to rest on Thursday 12th August 2021 at his parent’s home in Kanyoni Village, Kiambu County.

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