This Lady’s Controversial Remarks At Caroline Kangogo’s Funeral Anger Kenyans

Caroline Kangogo was laid to rest yesterday in her home at Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet County. She was buried according to the Catholic Church doctrines contrary to what happens with fallen soldiers.

When a police officer dies, they are given a 21 gun salute as a mark of the last respect but that did not happen in the case of Caroline Kangogo. This was seen as a case of disregard by her colleagues but it is understood given the circumstances surrounding her death.

She is regarded as a villain in the eyes of her colleagues because she killed one of them in cold blood. She was on the run for about ten days playing cat and mouse games with the detectives but she finally gave up after realizing the police were hot on her heels.

Caroline was found in the bathroom of her parents in a pool of blood with a gun in her hands. She had a bullet wound that had penetrated through her skull killing her instantly.

During her burial ceremony at her parent’s home yesterday, various mourners eulogized her as a humble human being that would not harm even a fly.

They said that they knew her as a God-fearing person and whatever happened only Caroline and her victims are the ones that know what exactly happened.

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They further reiterated that they were not in any position to judge her because they love their daughter sister and friend no matter what happens, they will always be on her side.

Her elder sister’s remarks have angered Kenyans when she applauded her as a sharpshooter police officer who should be honored for her excellence and accuracy in getting the target in shooting instead of condemning her.

Kenyans feel that her remarks were unreasonable and unnecessarily insensitive to the family of the men she killed in cold blood by shooting them at close range killing them instantly.

Caroline should be condemned for the way she ended the life of those men because no matter the beef they had, it was not up to her to end their life like that.
She was a police officer and she knows well that murder is punishable by hanging or life imprisonment.

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