This Is The Exact Date When The Court Of Appeal Will Deliver The BBI Judgment

Building bridges initiative was meant to unite Kenyans by improving our policies and the laws to make everyone proud to be Kenyan and do away with negative ethnicity, end political violence, and bring forth equal opportunities among the citizens of this country.

But as things stand, the BBI bill that seeks to amend the constitution has brought divisions among Kenyans especially the political class and the civil society who feel that politicians are taking advantage of their positions to make changes that benefit them.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is under fire together with his brother Raila Odinga for initiating an illegal and unconstitutional process to amend the constitution. Those opposed to the building bridges initiative feel that the problems Kenyans are facing are largely political and economic and there is nothing wrong with our laws to warrant any changes.

According to their arguments, president Uhuru Kenyatta ought not to have been the promoter of BBI because he is still in power and that is unconstitutional because any proposals coming from the executive cannot amount to the popular initiative and those appellants argue that president Uhuru is not the promoter of BBI.

Both sets of lawyers put in a good fight and demonstrated their prowess in constitutional litigation and now it is up to the 7 judge bench to retreat and analyze all the submissions and evidence provided before writing judgment either to throw out the appeal and uphold the high court judgment or agree with the appellants and give a green light for reggae to resume.

Throwing out the appeal will be a blow to the president who has been keen to tweak the constitution and make it a better document for Kenyans to reap the benefits and he will have to go to the drawing board and decide what to do with his proposals.

According to the court of appeal, they announced at the closure of all the submissions by counsel of both sides that they will deliver their judgment on August 2oth,2021 at 9 AM

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