Things You Should Do When Your CellPhone Drops In Water

Cellphone  get ruined by water when they come into contact. Water destroys the operating system of smartphones and cannot function normally.

It’s unlikely that it’ll work the same way it did before. This explains why customers should use smartphones with utmost caution.

In that case, there is a straightforward approach for delivering first aid to a smartphone that has fallen into water.

Many people become bewildered when their phone falls into water. Some people prefer to remove the batteries and dry them in the sun or next to a fire.

Some people use a towel and spirit to clean their phones, while others rush to blow dry them in salons .

When your phone goes into water, though, the first thing you do will determine the outcome in terms of repairability

While going about your routine, your phone may accidentally fall into the water.

When this happens, take the following steps:

Step 1: Turn off your cellphone and don’t turn it back on until you’ve finished these steps.

Instead of being alarmed, get a jar and fill it with grains. Grains to use include; are rice, maize, and cassava flakes (Garry).

Half-fill a bowl or container with one of these grains.

Step 2: The preceding procedure is simply the first; remove the battery (if detachable), Sim cards, and maybe the memory card .

Remove anything you can, including the back cover.

Step 3: Take the dangerous step of shaking the cellphone to wipe out any drips that may have entered the system.

Some of the water inside the phone will leak out, facilitating the drying process.

Step 4: The final and most important step. Drop the cellphone into the basin you created in step one above with care.

Allow 3 hours without touching your phone. This technique is crucial because it will drain all the little water molecules contained within the cellphone.

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