The Trick Atwoli Uses In Bed To Avoid An Argument With His Wife Mary Kilobi

Francis Atwoli is the COTU secretary general whose influence in the political debate here in Kenya cannot be wished away.

The self-proclaimed prophet has always boasted that his predictions in matters of politics have always come to pass. Atwoli is a man of sorts and his impeccable sense of style is so impressive for a man of his age.

The 72-year-old trade unionist is married to three women and he has 17 children to his name. His youngest wife is the 37-year-old Mary Kilobi who hails from Bungoma county and is a renowned news anchor at KTN.

Francis Atwoli has a relatively good sense of humor and his understanding of Kenyan politics has strategically placed him as one of the key men that determine the political landscape of Kenya.

He is not a fan of deputy president William Ruto and he has over the years declared that Ruto should not be allowed to ascend to power because he will plunder the economy of this country.

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His vicious attack on the persona of the deputy president has been misconstrued to be personal but the seasoned trade unionist has over and again insisted that his differences with William Ruto are political rather than personal.

When Atwoli married Mary Kilobi who is 45 years younger, many Kenyans castigated her for choosing a man old enough to be her grandfather but the lady insisted that she doesn’t mind being with him because the old man loves her and fulfills all his responsibilities as expected.

Francis Atwoli has worked hard to make sure Mary lives like a queen by even hiring white house helpers for her. He takes her to exotic holidays that only other women can dream of.

People have wondered how he has managed to keep the young lady happy all these years. While a majority of Kenyans believe his wallet is the one that has done the magic, Atwoli has for the first time shared his secret to men.

He said that he holds a rosary and sleeps in his prayer when his wife wants to pick a fight or asks questions he doesn’t want to answer. This has helped him to avoid unhealthy arguments that will hurt them.

Atwoli was speaking in a wedding ceremony where he was advising the newly wed  young couple on how to have a successful marriage.

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