The Strange Thing Caroline Kangogo Posted on Facebook before Killing Her Two Victims

A police officer by the name of Caroline Kangogo is on the run after killing
two men within a week. The beautiful corporal is said to be on a revenge
mission after her heart got broken by several men before. What she did is out
of the ordinary and that qualifies her to be categorized as not being of sound

Her social media accounts for the past year have been reviewed and what we
have gathered is that from her posts, she was going through a rough time that
is why she was always posting about how she trusts God to help her pull through
her pains.

Most people didn’t know she was in such pain and they should have at least
suspected something was odd about her when she put a coffin as her profile
image. Putting a profile of a coffin as her pr ofile picture should have raised
an alarm among people close to her but people tend to downplay issues of mental

The Director of Criminal Investigations’ office is looking for her before
she does more damage. According to the preliminary investigation reports, she
started her mission by murdering Constable John Ogweno in Nakuru and getting
away with his firearm, a Ceska pistol that was loaded.

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This is according to a statement that was released to the public by the DCI
in a series of tweets. The rogue cop then moved to Nairobi where she is alleged
to have murdered another handsome man by the name of Peter Njiru. The second
incident happened in Dedamax Hotel in Nairobi.

She lured him to the hotel where she shot him in the head. The officer had
booked and even paid for the room. After shooting Peter, she got out of the
room and told the attendants that she was going to buy some toothpaste and
easily got away never to be seen.

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